Vleda Rabotnikova

Vleda Rabotnikova

Vleda Rabotnikova made Aliyah from Balti, Moldova in September of 2009 through the Jewish Agency's Na'ale program.

"The decision to make Aliyah was all mine. I loved the idea of living in Israel, home of the Jewish people, so I made Aliyah. It is also because I grew up in a Jewish home that always reinforced Jewish tradition and connection to the Jewish people.

I made Aliyah when I was 14 and studied in Jerusalem at a boarding school through 12th grade. I completed high school in Israel and then was drafted into the IDF as a lone soldier. I began my service in October 2013 as an optical technician. I signed on extra time in the army and am currently completing my extra year of service.

I love my job, my soldiers, and the base I am serving on. Right now, my main hobby is my job. My army service became my life and it is so weird to me that I am finishing my service and soon won't be here because my whole life is my service right now.

I have an older sister who made Aliyah a few weeks before me through the Jewish Agency and stayed on Ulpan Kibbutz. She went into the army like me and was released from the army three years ago. When my sister was a lone soldier she didn't know about the Wings program. I think that if she was a part of Wings when she was a lone soldier, it would have helped her to understand her rights and she would have gone to study and find a proper career that she loves. I found the right path for me because of the help I received from Wings.

My connection to Wings began with the pre-release workshop. I took part in the workshop prior to my release from the army. Wings helped me by providing me with support, with someone to talk to, and someone who understands me. The Wings program really helped me feel Israeli and connect to the Israeli mentality.

In addition to the workshop I received the diagnostic testing that really helped me decide what direction to go in. I also had a meeting with the financial advisor that checked that everything was okay and gave me the feeling or assurance. I met with my advisor, Sharon, and I am still meeting with her today. She provides me with a lot of support. Together with her, I figured out where I will live after my release, what I want to study and what I want to do in the future in terms of higher academic studies. Today I am finishing my service and preparing to start studying Software Development at Sela College in Ramat Gan. Thanks to Wings, as I reach my release I do not have feelings of worry and in my mind I am already an integrated Israeli.

Today, my parents have made Aliyah as well. My mom is here with me and my dad made Aliyah with his new family.

It is important for people to know how much Wings helps lone soldiers by giving us a feeling of confidence here in Israel when we are here alone."