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The Wings Guidance Center

The Wings Guidance Center is available to young lone immigrants ages 17-35, from the moment they arrive in Israel. Recognizing that every immigrant's path is different, and that most experience hurdles along the way, the Guidance Center provides advice, treatment, and support.  Whether new immigrants have completed or dropped out of absorption programs, the Guidance Center gives them assistance for transition to stability and success. Services are provided by social workers and clinical psychologists in the new immigrant's mother tongue.

The Guidance Center activities include:

Workshops built to meet the needs of specific immigrant groups on topics such as social integration, employment, finance, leadership, and personal empowerment and resilience.

Personal Advisors are assigned to each young immigrant to provide individualized guidance for social integration.

Preparation for enlistment is a crucial service of the Guidance Center, helping new immigrants develop skills to deal effectively with life crises, tools for decision making, and providing information and guidance for a successful integration into the IDF.

For more information on how to take advantage of the benefits of the Guidance Center please contact Ran Butbul: