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Guidance Center at Beit Brodetsky

  • 07.06.2016

Guidance Center

On June 7th, Wings opened the first of 5 seminars to take place with a group of 100 young immigrants living at the Beit Brodetsky absorption center in Tel Aviv. 

The new immigrants have only recently arrived in Israel and are currently studying Hebrew for the majority of each day. Wings brought the seminars to the new immigrants at Beit Brodetsky in an effort to help them integrate smoothly into Israeli life. This includes help on topics such as housing, education, employment, rights and benefits, and much more.

Ran Butbul, Director of the Wings Guidance Center explains, "The goal of the Guidance Center is to give young immigrants the tools which will allow them an equal opportunity to integrate into Israeli society and reduce the intercultural disparities."

The seminars are led by Wings' professional group facilitators in a range of different languages according to the needs of each new immigrant. There are five groups for the entirety of the seminars: one in Spanish, one in English, one in French, and two in Russian.

The first seminar opened with an activity asking the participants to think of all of the questions they have about life in Israel. They moved around the room, writing all of their questions on topics including: housing, employment, and education. Questions arose including, "How far in advance do you need to look for an apartment?" and, "What is the typical length of a lease? How much can be expected for property tax? What about water and electricity? What is the average salary? What is acceptable interview attire?" The participants also wondered about the procedure of getting an Israeli driver's license, paying taxes as a dual citizen, and the social security system in Israel.  

The Wings Program is proud to have the opportunity to guide these young new immigrants through their first steps in Israel toward successful lives here.